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Psalms, Poems, Proverbs
Deeply personal this is a collection from the prayer journal of a lead worshipper. Some thoughts, songs, revelation and exposition of key Scriptures. Delve into the heart and mind of a fallible man, desperate to please his God.
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Eternal Worship
If eternity is not present in the worship we offer an Eternal God it will miss the mark. As our God is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, so our sacrifice of praise must be of equal worth. Since only the Holy Spirit can help us in this search and discovery of new songs we need to be more reliant upon Him than ever before. This book is a short discovery into some hidden truths concerning our praise and our worship of God. What man has made of it and what God requires are often two entirely different concepts! Eternal Worship, a discovery into the heart of God.
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Better Than Sacrifice
There are a number of things that God will consider better than sacrifice: obedience, love, kindness and a host of other things. Better Than Sacrifice is a journey of discovery through the Word of God, uncovering those things that God takes great delight in and desires. This book acts as a guide to those who are earnestly seeking to worship God in spirit and in truth, to the glory of His Name!
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Unique Disciples
The Holy Spirit is our Worship Leader, and He makes use of some of us a lead worshippers. Our ministry must first be to God before it can be of any benefit to those we serve. Unique Disciples explores this and some other aspects in a frank discussion about place, position and authority of the modern lead worshipper.
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Thanks in Worship
The cardinal importance of thanksgiving in our lives is something that is often neglected or at best, misunderstood. The Word of God is very clear on the fact that we approach Him with thanksgiving and praise. That is the way in which we enter into His Presence. This book explores some aspects of this reality and encourages the believer in a renewed pursuit of thankfulness as centrality in a lifestyle of worship.
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